So, we got a dog.

Yeah, we got a dog. There's no real interesting way to say it. lol. I know I know...I'm busy enough without one. Justin had wanted a black lab for years. Once we got the Shelby, he opened up to german shepherds too. If you're thinking I'm about to mention I Am Legend, you'd be correct. See, we named the car Sam (after Will Smith's character's german shepherd). I can see you rolling your eyes. ;) I've had small dogs while living in an apartment, but once I started living in a subdivision...I knew I needed a big one. One that I could walk the neighborhood and feel just a little bit safer with. We'd looked numerous times and never really felt the urge to go ahead and get one. But that all changed Monday.

Everybody meet Eaton! Can you take a guess why?! haha! He was born March 25th. He's doing good so far. I'm sure I'll pull the camera out this weekend and show him to you again ;) I won't bombard you with doggie posts, but he'll definitely make a few guest appearances!


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