Before & After #40 / Newborn Photo Composite

     I really haven't done a before & after since June?? My bad y'all. It's been a busy year! I promise this one will make up for it! ;) There's a very large amount of super cute squishy newborn photos around these days. What many people are surprised to hear, is that those photos are usually highly photoshopped. And by photoshopped, I mean mom and dad's arms have been removed from the photo. Babies can't do more than half the things you see them photographed doing. They can't hold their arms up and support their heads, and their little necks don't have the support yet to keep their heads from bobbling over the side of a basket. So mom & dad are in the photo to keep baby safe. Do *not* attempt those types of photos on your own without someone to help. And if you don't have anyone to help, take a different, more lifestyle approach to newborn photography until you do.

This photo comes from a recent session that hasn't been blogged yet, but everyone loved this photo on facebook so much, I knew I had to do a before & after! It's made up of three different photos.

To see the before & after, click *read more!*

 Camera info:

Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.2L @ ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/50 sec w/ 580EX II in 16" softbox off camera

Note the arrows that show specifically which pieces were pulled from which photo.

 1 - You need a photo of the prop by itself. I was a dumb dumb and was NOT using a tripod, and therefor this photo is at a slightly different angle than the others. I made it work anyway.

2 - Needed his hair from here, as mom's fingers are covering his head in photo 3, and it took far less time to snap this extra photo than it would have trying to clone out mom's fingers and leave space in between hairs.

3 - Had to get a decent position of baby as a whole.

4 - Final composite. Removed electrical outlet. Cropped so I didnt have to clone so much floor. And added some texture to blend with the uneven light on the walls.

These types of personalized shots are a lot of fun - but just be safe when doing them!


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