Before & After #41 / Sitting Baby Photo Composite

My last composite was a lot of fun, so I thought I'd show another one! This little cutie was 3 months old for this photo, and obviously, cannot sit up unassisted at that age. She does ok in the bumbo seat, but we didn't have it with us. Soooo, we had to fake it. And I'm ok with that. Safety first folks.

Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.2L @ f/2.2, 1/500 sec, ISO 1250

1 / Baby in scene with dad's support.

2 / Rather than clone dad out, a similar photo of scenery by itself can be taken to make it a lot easier.

Final / Take grass from image two and place over image one; blend together. Complete editing. :)

There ya have it. Do not attempt to have three month old sit up on own unassisted.


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