Baby Layla & The Cleveland Family / Spring, TX Family Photography

   We met Dad at the racetrack through a mutual friend, immediately hit it off like most people we meet at the track (seriously, super friendly folks), and a few days later I'd forgotten that we'd only met him a few days prior. Somewhere between Justin being able to talk to anyone and me lugging around the 7D and 70-200 lens photographing the races, we found out his family would be needing new portraits soon. I was so glad to hear from them a few weeks later! It was great to meet the rest of the family and see my dream garage in person. Seriously, I could've lived in just their garage. When we set up a new date to photograph the cars, I must get a photo of their oldest daughter helping daddy work on one of them. My heart about melted when they explained that scenario to me. So cute! Anyway - meet the newest addition to the family, Layla!

Crown by Stacy Todd / HookedOnTheHook


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