Gonzales Family / Mila is 4 Months / Manvel, TX Family Photographer

So around the time we took Emeline & Mila's Christmas photos, we were also planning a dedicated Mila session. We went back to a location we knew well, Mila's Noni's house. It's tons of funs going there and trying to make it look different every time. This session is my favorite one we've taken out there, and was a fabulous one to help close out 2012.

 photo Mila4m-103.jpg

 photo M1-1.jpg

 photo Mila4m-116.jpg

Model faces!

 photo Mila4m-115.jpg

 photo Mila4m-107.jpg

 photo M2-1.jpg

 photo Mila4m-111.jpg

 photo Mila4m-125.jpg

 photo Mila4m-123.jpg

 photo M3-1.jpg

 photo Mila4m-133.jpg

 photo Mila4m-137.jpg

 photo Mila4m-138.jpg

 photo M4.jpg

 photo Mila4m-140.jpg

 photo Mila4m-141.jpg

 photo Mila4m-143.jpg

 photo Mila4m-145.jpg

Three generations!

 photo Mila4m-149.jpg

 photo M5.jpg

 photo Mila4m-153.jpg


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