Sophia turns 2! / Spring, TX Family Photographer

I hadn't seen Sophia since her 1st birthday session (which was way awesome by the way!). I can always count on her to bring great expressions and have a fun time and she didn't let me down! We went to Old Town Spring, where Mom & Dad have some memories. And we killed two birds with one stone and took some Christmas photos too, since it was December after all. It was a fabulous morning and I can't wait until the next occasion I get to photograph for them! ;)

 photo S1.jpg

 photo Sophia2-103.jpg

 photo S2.jpg

 photo Sophia2-111.jpg

 photo S3.jpg

 photo Sophia2-115.jpg

 photo S4.jpg

 photo Sophia2-133.jpg

 photo Sophia2-120.jpg

 photo S5.jpg

 photo S6.jpg

 photo Sophia2-139.jpg

 photo S7.jpg

 photo Sophia2-144.jpg

 photo S8.jpg


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