Staying True to YOU / My Approach to Maternity Sessions


   It probably took me longer than it should have to realize that I needed to just be ME behind the camera. When I first started taking clients, I was (and still am) a member of some local, statewide, and countrywide photography groups. In those groups, you can share your photos just for the sake of sharing or ask for critiques and ways to improve. The number one comment I got when posting maternity photos was that I didn't focus on the belly enough. Well, my job was not to please those photographers making those comments. I valued their words of wisdom regarding the technical aspects like exposure and composition, but I just could not make myself conform to the style I was "supposed" to have for maternity sessions. Then in 2011 I was blessed to be a part of Heather & Jarrod's beach maternity session, and I never looked back. I got so much great feedback on how full of beautiful natural life those images were. Sure, there were just a couple of the bump by itself... but as whole, they really just showed the love that Mom & Dad had for each other and the gift that was about to change their lives forever. Since then, that's the way I approach maternity sessions for good - to simply capture the natural beauty & love between a couple in one of the most special times of their lives. Less just belly - and more about feeling close to one another as a family. Dad's are usually less than thrilled to be there, and I can only imagine that they're thinking about standing in the prom pose over and over again with their hands on Mom's belly. Once they get there and realize that that's not what it's about at all, they loosen right on up. Maternity sessions have become one of my favorites to photograph just so I can look at them and say, yep, they're totally me (and not what others in the industry say they should be!). Makes me feel rebelious! lol!

 I love that there are other styles among the industry tho. Some of you might want the bare skin with sheer material that other photographers produce - and that's great and beautiful in it's own right. But clearly, you would go to another photographer for that. I love that you can match your style & personality between photographer & client. Which is why it's SO important to stay true to yourself - both as the client and as the photographer. You'll both get out of it exactly what you're looking for.

Here's a few of my favorite maternity photos I've taken over the last two years!
 photo Keeling-139.jpg

 photo Keeling-110.jpg


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