Baby Sadie / Houston, TX Newborn Photography

Sadie's parents had the best first kiss ever. I was thrilled to hear they were expecting, and I'm even more excited to get to see Sadie grow up over the next year! For most of our time together, Sadie was bright eyed and awake, only falling asleep for us at the very end. So we just went with it and she looks just as cute all the same! :)

Smiling Baby, Houston Texas Newborn Photography

 photo Sadie-1.jpg

 photo Sadie-20.jpg

 photo S2-1.jpg

 photo Sadie-23.jpg

 photo Sadie-26.jpg

 photo Sadie-28.jpg

 photo Sadie-29.jpg

 photo Sadie-30.jpg

 photo Sadie-34.jpg

 photo Sadie-39.jpg

 photo S3-1.jpg

 photo Sadie-40.jpg

 photo Sadie-43.jpg

 photo Sadie-45.jpg

 photo Sadie-49.jpg

 photo Sadie-52.jpg

 photo S4-1.jpg

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