Kira & Jonathan are Engaged! / Cypress, TX

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting out of the city to photograph Kira & Jonathan's wedding at a quaint country setting in a few months! When Kira emailed me for wedding information, she made sure to include a photo from an Astros game that I had actually been to with them years ago and taken a photo of them at. Long long before I knew what I was doing. But really cool none the less! They made the drive from Lewisville to the Houston area for their engagement session and picked a location based on my suggestions. I was happy to see them pick my own engagement photo spot, and even more thrilled to make myself view the space in a different way than I had used it previously. I grew more excited with every snap, and couldn't wait to get home and edit. Kira brought the cutest signs to use and we plain had a good time.

 photo KJE-2.jpg

 photo KJE-3.jpg

 photo KJ1.jpg

 photo KJE-13.jpg

 photo KJE-15.jpg

 photo KJ2.jpg

 photo KJE-21.jpg

 photo KJE-23.jpg

 photo KJ3.jpg

 photo KJE-26.jpg

 photo KJ4.jpg

 photo KJE-45.jpg

 photo KJE-47.jpg

 photo KJ5.jpg

 photo KJ7.jpg

 photo KJE-52.jpg

 photo KJ6.jpg

 photo KJE-56.jpg

 photo KJE-60.jpg

 photo KJE-65.jpg

 photo KJE-66.jpg

 photo KJ8.jpg


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