Monday Mishmash #22 / Late Night Thoughts, Movies, & the Busy Season

I can't believe I didn't blog any sessions last week. I have so many to actually show you. What I DID post was important tho. A quick recap before I continue: For every session who's retainer fee is paid by May 15th, $25 will be donated to the Houston Walk of Hope! Already have more donations in the works...keep 'em coming!

So why havent I blogged sessions? It's as simple as I'm super busy. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. We are now 6 days into May and I'm fairly certain it is already the busiest month of the year so far. So many families and newborns to photograph this month, along with our 4 year wedding anniversary, a race weekend, and Justin won't let me forget...the new Star Trek Into Darkness release. We already saw Iron Man 3 too. Good as usual of course.

Why is it that I get the best ideas as I'm laying down for bed? I want to get right back up half the time and just go do them, but I know I already work too much and have to resist. So I resort to grabbing my phone and typing incomplete sentences into the notepad app. Notepad is currently storing my brainstorms for multiple additional blog post ideas, revisions to contracts, location ideas, and ways to help improve productivity. Perhaps my next bright idea should be to put those ideas in order & give them actual date deadlines, or I'm afraid they'll sit in digital la la land forever.

And with all of that - I leave you with a glimpse of a great engagement session waiting backstage to make a full appearance on the blog ;)

Have a great week y'all!

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