Austyn & Dane / Engaged!

Where do I start with these two?! I'm so excited for their wedding this fall! I mean look at how friggin cute they are for one. AND - they're getting married at the lovely Centurion Palace. That place holds a very special place in my heart and every time a couple mentions it, I cross my fingers even tighter that they'll pick us! Well, Austyn & Dane did and we had a blasty blast at another of my favorite spots for their engagement sessions. I'm being as patient as I can waiting to see Austyn's dress for her bridals next week too. She's going to look amazing no doubt! I have no idea how they're picking favorite from these...because even I can't. I just love them all.

 photo ADE-2.jpg

 photo ADE-5.jpg

 photo ADE-7.jpg

 photo AD1.jpg

 photo ADE-13.jpg

 photo AD2.jpg

 photo ADE-18.jpg

 photo AD3.jpg

 photo ADE-29.jpg

 photo ADE-30.jpg

 photo ADE-32.jpg

 photo ADE-33.jpg

 photo AD4.jpg

 photo ADE-39.jpg

 photo ADE-48.jpg

 photo AD5.jpg

 photo ADE-52.jpg

 photo AD6.jpg

 photo ADE-56.jpg

 photo ADE-58.jpg

 photo ADE-60.jpg

 photo ADE-61.jpg

 photo ADE-67.jpg

 photo AD7.jpg

 photo ADE-72.jpg

 photo ADE-74.jpg

 photo ADE-82.jpg


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