Emeline / 9 Months

 It really seems like I just took these photos yesterday. But in reality...I took Emeline's 1 year photos last weekend, and will be photographing her birthday party in just a short week or two. I just don't know where the time went! Poor Emeline wasnt feeling too well at the beginning of this session, and just about 20 minutes into it, the poor thing had milk coming out of her mouth and both nostriles. Unlike a pooping newborn, I did not keep shooting that. We took a small break for some loving from Mom & Dad, and she felt much better going forward. I think this session produced some of my favorite family photos of these three yet.

 photo Emeline9m-3.jpg

 photo E91.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-9.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-19.jpg

 photo E92.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-23.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-28.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-30.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-36.jpg

 photo E93.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-38.jpg

 photo E94.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-47.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-49.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-55.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-57.jpg

 photo E95.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-58.jpg

 photo Emeline9m-61.jpg


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