Baby Tore / Sugar Land, TX Newborn Photography

               I was so delighted to finally meet Baby Tore! With her stylish parents, I knew she was sure to be a little princess. We took these photos around four weeks of age, which is not the norm. But Miss Tore was born a month early, had baby acne that mom wanted to wait out as much as possible, and she went through a traditional Nigerian naming ceremony. I think I got that right? lol! Sounded really neat. Tore was the perfect little model, even at such an older age for newborn photos... minus a potty accident or two, which is totally normal. :) Her six month photos are already on the calendar and I can't wait to see how much she's grown!

Houston Nigerian Newborn Photography

 photo Tore-2.jpg

 photo T1.jpg

 photo Tore-9.jpg

 photo Tore-10.jpg

 photo Tore-4.jpg

 photo Tore-34.jpg

 photo T3.jpg

 photo Tore-25.jpg

 photo T5.jpg

 photo Tore-42.jpg

 photo Tore-36.jpg

 photo Tore-35.jpg


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