Leah & Kevin got married!

         It's no secret I'm behind on blogging weddings. They're all on facebook, yes. But the blog? Behind. As in this one's from last fall. But I recently picked up a fun little tool to help me catch up very quickly. Prepping this took me all of 10 minutes when it used to take me an hour! But I'd have blogged it eventually regardless! Nothing goes unblogged ;) There's some of my favorite wedding images in this bunch tho! The last time I photographed Leah & Kevin, it wasn't even an engagement shoot. But that big event happened soon after and Leah contacted me pretty darn fast! :) They had a tearfully sweet ceremony and a totally hoppin' reception, resulting in many hilariously captured dance moves. The fact that they're mustang people was just a bonus ;)

 photo LKW100.jpg

 photo LKW101.jpg

 photo LKW121.jpg

 photo LKW122.jpg

 photo LKW152.jpg

 photo LKW166.jpg

 photo LKW169.jpg

 photo LKW171.jpg

 photo LKW181.jpg

 photo LKW191.jpg

 photo LKW205.jpg

 photo LKW206.jpg

 photo LKW208.jpg

 photo LKW217.jpg

 photo LKW222.jpg

 photo LKW218.jpg

 photo LKW239.jpg

 photo LKW244.jpg

 photo LKW259.jpg

 photo LKW264.jpg

 photo LKW268.jpg

 photo LKW275.jpg

 photo LKW140.jpg

 photo LKW276.jpg

 photo LKW292.jpg

 photo LKW305.jpg

 photo LKW310.jpg

 photo LKW318.jpg

 photo LKW320.jpg

 photo LKW336.jpg

 photo LKW364.jpg

 photo LKW380.jpg

 photo LKW381.jpg

 photo LKW389.jpg

 photo LKW394.jpg

 photo LKW431.jpg

 photo LKW434.jpg


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