Second Shooting for Perspectives Photography

This is another wedding from last year.  But this time, I was second shooting for Monique at Perspectives Photography. I've long been a fan of her work, so getting to meet and shoot for her was amazing! Definitely go give her facebook page some love & check out her album of Betty & Dustin's photos. As a second shooter, I spend my time with the groom instead of the bride usually, am not in charge of setting up photos, and am usually using different lenses and angles than when I'm the main photographer. It's hard work still, but it's quite fun. Here's some photos I was able to capture for Monique! (Disclaimer: these images have not received usual editing treatments, haha!)

 photo IMG_1569.jpg

 photo IMG_1591.jpg

 photo IMG_1611.jpg

 photo IMG_1631.jpg

 photo IMG_1647.jpg

 photo IMG_1720.jpg

 photo IMG_1743.jpg

 photo IMG_1768.jpg

 photo IMG_1770.jpg

 photo IMG_1793.jpg

 photo IMG_1810.jpg

 photo IMG_1814.jpg

 photo IMG_1831.jpg

 photo IMG_1852.jpg

 photo IMG_1875.jpg

 photo IMG_1893.jpg

 photo IMG_1910.jpg

 photo IMG_2021.jpg

 photo IMG_2222.jpg

 photo IMG_2117.jpg


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