Melgoza Family / Houston, TX Family Photography

    This family. Thiiiiis family. They're simply adorable. Perhaps you remember Mom & Dad from their  maternity session? Well, now you get to meet Mr. Jensen too. Taryn is a fantastic photographer herself and getting to shoot family portraits for her is quite the treat! We had our own session with her the week after this, and I'll be sure to share those too. You can see them already up at the top of the blog and on our about page! But back to these pretty people... The camera loves them. We had a great time at a new (to us) location. You can't go wrong anyway with a tot wearing hats and suspenders...

 photo Melgoza-1.jpg

 photo M2.jpg

 photo Melgoza-9.jpg

 photo M1.jpg

 photo M3.jpg

 photo Melgoza-8.jpg

 photo Melgoza-20.jpg

 photo M4.jpg

 photo Melgoza-24.jpg

 photo Melgoza-25.jpg

 photo Melgoza-26.jpg

 photo Melgoza-28.jpg

 photo M6.jpg

 photo Melgoza-34.jpg

 photo Melgoza-38.jpg

 photo Melgoza-44.jpg

 photo Melgoza-46.jpg

 photo M7.jpg

 photo Melgoza-53.jpg

 photo Melgoza-55.jpg

 photo M8.jpg

 photo Melgoza62.jpg

 photo Melgoza-59.jpg

 photo Melgoza-68.jpg

 photo Melgoza-69.jpg


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