4th of July Fireworks and Tips on Photographing Them

I don't even bother trying to light fireworks anymore. I leave it my friends, and I man the camera. This year we went to my in-laws house, as their backyard gave us a personal view of the fireworks happening in Friendswood...minus a couple powerlines...oh well. Taking photos of the fireworks is exciting! I never know how they're going to turn out! The picture could end up a number of ways depending on mostly how long of a shutter speed you hold. So with that, it's highly recommended that you use a tripod. If you have a camera that allows you to control the shutter speed, use that mode. Or even better...use bulb mode if you have it! Bulb mode allows YOU to control when the shutter opens and closes, so you can take photo after photo after photo of various shutter lengths depending on how quickly those fireworks are going off. I also use a remote shutter release so I never even have to actually stand behind the camera ;) All of these photos below were 3-6 second exposures. So pretty!!

 photo IMG_6168.jpg

 photo IMG_6171.jpg

 photo IMG_6175.jpg

 photo IMG_6178.jpg

 photo F1.jpg

 photo IMG_6185.jpg

 photo IMG_6193.jpg

 photo IMG_6197.jpg

 photo IMG_6211.jpg

 photo IMG_6207.jpg

 photo IMG_6216.jpg

 photo IMG_6236.jpg

 photo IMG_6244.jpg

 photo F2.jpg

 photo IMG_6246.jpg

 photo IMG_6263.jpg

 photo IMG_6265.jpg

 photo IMG_6269.jpg


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