Baby Caleb

  There was only one picture and one picture only I just had to have of Baby Caleb...Grandpa brought a saddle...and we got it. The rest of the cuteness was just a bonus. Mallory & Chad have a precious little dude on their hands that I hope to get to see soon!

 photo Caleb2.jpg

 photo Caleb6.jpg

 photo Caleb8.jpg

 photo Caleb5.jpg

 photo Caleb17.jpg

 photo Caleb14.jpg

 photo Caleb12.jpg

 photo Caleb16.jpg

 photo Caleb27.jpg

 photo Caleb23.jpg

 photo Caleb31.jpg

And bonus again...this was their announcement :)

 photo IMG_8248.jpg

 photo IMG_8257.jpg


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