Mallory & Chad / Baby Caleb is coming! / League City, TX Maternity Photography

       I'm losing track of how many times Mallory & Chad have been in front of my camera... and it's more than you think! I photographed their pregnancy announcement too and for some strange reason I dont think I've blogged it! I'll be sure to include it with Caleb's newborn photos soon. But I definitely think Mallory & Chad are in the running for the top spot of most sessions with me, and I know they've personally had a hand in referring many of you my direction. I love these two to pieces and I could not be more excited about Caleb's arrival any day now - 38 weeks yesterday!

 photo Keeling-103.jpg

 photo Keeling-107.jpg

 photo Keeling-110.jpg

 photo MC2.jpg

 photo Keeling-113.jpg

 photo MC1.jpg

 photo Keeling-116.jpg

 photo Keeling-122.jpg

 photo Keeling-126.jpg

 photo Keeling-129.jpg

 photo MC3.jpg

 photo Keeling-131.jpg

 photo Keeling-133.jpg

 photo Keeling-137.jpg

 photo MC4.jpg

 photo Keeling-139.jpg

 photo MC5.jpg

 photo Keeling-146.jpg

 photo MC6.jpg

 photo Keeling-155.jpg


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