Baylie / Clear Springs High School Senior 2013

Baylie graduated from Clear Springs this year and it was my pleasure to photograph her senior portraits and design her graduation invitations! Her mom said she had a great time, so, mission accomplished! I had fun too!

 photo Baylie1.jpg

 photo Baylie7.jpg

 photo Baylie9.jpg

 photo Baylie12.jpg

 photo Baylie16.jpg

 photo Baylie18.jpg

 photo Baylie21.jpg

 photo Baylie26.jpg

 photo Baylie30.jpg

 photo Baylie34.jpg

 photo Baylie36.jpg

 photo Baylie39.jpg

 photo Baylie44.jpg

 photo Baylie47.jpg

 photo Baylie56.jpg

 photo Baylie63.jpg


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