Mercer Family / Galveston, TX Family Photography

 This session was a blast. Full of laughs and giggles. Each of the kids had a unique personality to keep me on my toes. Mom did such a fantastic job styling everyone. Twice! Ah i loved this session. Seriously.

 photo Mercer5.jpg

 photo Mercer3.jpg

 photo Mercer4.jpg

 photo Mercer13.jpg

 photo Mercer8.jpg

 photo Mercer11.jpg

 photo Mercer33.jpg

 photo Mercer30.jpg

 photo Mercer18.jpg

 photo Mercer32.jpg

 photo Mercer35.jpg

 photo Mercer51.jpg

 photo Mercer41.jpg

 photo Mercer49.jpg

 photo Mercer63.jpg

 photo Mercer61.jpg


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