Finley is 2 & Getting a Little Brother!

Pretty sure this one gets cuter by the day. And I'm pretty sure she knows it. Haha! Finley turned 2 this year, so she and the family came to see me again :) This time was also a double duty session since Momma was pregnant with baby Carson (who I got to meet a couple weeks ago!).  Always a treat!

 photo Finley21.jpg

 photo Finley26.jpg

 photo Finley28.jpg

 photo Finley217.jpg

 photo Finley213.jpg

 photo Finley219.jpg

 photo Finley220.jpg

 photo Finley225.jpg

 photo Finley235.jpg

 photo Finley242.jpg

 photo Finley246.jpg

 photo Finley249.jpg

 photo Finley254.jpg


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