Myra turned 2!

Every session with Myra, I know a couple of things before we even get started...She's going to have some great bows/hats to match really cute outfits. We're going to have a bunch of fun. And there's always going to be my next favorite photo about to happen. Myra's grandma & great grandma came along for a generational photo before we proceeded to our normal fun. And fun we had. :)

 photo Myra1-1.jpg

 photo Myra4-1.jpg

 photo Myra5-1.jpg

 photo Myra7-1.jpg

 photo Myra10.jpg

 photo Myra12.jpg

 photo Myra15.jpg

 photo Myra23.jpg

 photo Myra27.jpg

 photo Myra28.jpg

 photo Myra29.jpg

 photo Myra36.jpg

 photo Myra38.jpg

 photo Myra39.jpg

 photo Myra40.jpg

 photo Myra43.jpg

 photo Myra46.jpg

 photo Myra49.jpg

 photo Myra50.jpg


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