Erin's Bridal Portraits / The Bell Tower on 34th, Houston, TX

Erin is now a Mrs! So the bridals get to come out of hiding. Erin & Brian were recently married at the beautiful venue that is The Bell Tower on 34th here in Houston, TX. Because we're limited to shooting areas based on the specific rooms booked at the venue on the wedding day, we opted to take her bridal portraits here to take full advantage of the grounds. The bridals were a blast, the wedding was fantastic, print orders have been delivered, and I've even ordered a sample album of the wedding. Enjoy all this gorgeousness while I prep the wedding for the blog too :)

 photo Erin3.jpg

 photo Erin6.jpg

 photo Erin8.jpg

 photo Erin10.jpg

 photo Erin13.jpg

 photo Erin15.jpg

 photo Erin17.jpg

 photo Erin25.jpg

 photo Erin30.jpg

 photo Erin26.jpg

 photo Erin32.jpg

 photo Erin36.jpg

 photo Erin39.jpg

 photo Erin44.jpg

 photo Erin46.jpg

 photo Erin49.jpg

 photo Erin50.jpg

 photo Erin53.jpg

 photo Erin55.jpg

 photo Erin59.jpg


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