Baby Carson / Future Chef

    Carson's Daddy is a chef, so there was one main shot Mom wanted to get. Carson did make it slightly difficult and I'll spare you the details of what all it took to make this work. The important thing is tho - that we did it. It was worth all the trouble. I also can't decide if he's cuter wide awake or sleepin' ;)

 photo BabyCarson2.jpg

 photo BabyCarson4.jpg

 photo BabyCarson6.jpg

 photo BabyCarson17.jpg

 photo BabyCarson13.jpg

 photo BabyCarson19.jpg

 photo BabyCarson21.jpg

 photo BabyCarson28.jpg

 photo BabyCarson29.jpg

 photo BabyCarson31.jpg


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