Emeline's First Birthday Party

Shortly after photographing Emeline's 1 Year session, I was able to attend her actual birthday party - in all it's cute puppy dog glory. It was an adorably decorated backyard picnic, with delicious food (i seriously need the strawberry salad recip!), and family & friends galore. Emeline loved it and even asked for a sweet cuddle before I left, which I gladly gave her. She's growing so quickly, and I can't wait to see her for her Christmas photos again this year!

 photo EmelineBday6.jpg

 photo EmelineBday7.jpg

 photo EmelineBday12.jpg

 photo EmelineBday18.jpg

 photo EmelineBday24.jpg

 photo EmelineBday27.jpg

 photo EmelineBday32.jpg

 photo EmelineBday43.jpg

 photo EmelineBday47.jpg

 photo EmelineBday51.jpg

 photo EmelineBday62.jpg

 photo EmelineBday67.jpg

 photo EmelineBday72.jpg

 photo EmelineBday78.jpg

 photo EmelineBday82.jpg

 photo EmelineBday88.jpg

 photo EmelineBday107.jpg

 photo EmelineBday113.jpg

 photo EmelineBday123.jpg


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