Emeline is One! / Manvel, TX Family Photography

I think this session came too fast. I can't believe she's one. She's walking and blossoming and is probably going to have the most well document childhood ever between me and her momma. :) Oh Emeline! We hadn't taken any photos of just Mom & Dad since Emeline came into their lives...but we did this time. And the consensus is...they're still just as gorgeous as the first time I photographed them. They're a beautiful family and I'm so blessed they chose me to come along on this ride with them.

 photo Emeline11.jpg

 photo Emeline117.jpg

 photo Emeline19.jpg

 photo Emeline18.jpg

 photo Emeline112.jpg

 photo Emeline115.jpg

 photo Emeline16.jpg

 photo Emeline120.jpg

 photo Emeline121.jpg

 photo Emeline142.jpg

 photo Emeline133.jpg

 photo Emeline131.jpg

 photo Emeline145.jpg

 photo Emeline126.jpg

 photo Emeline122.jpg

 photo Emeline124.jpg

 photo Emeline147.jpg

 photo Emeline158.jpg

 photo Emeline155.jpg

 photo Emeline151.jpg

 photo Emeline161.jpg


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