Emmett is One! / Richmond, TX Family Photography

          I was SO happy we did get a shot of Emmett with the guitar again...quite a precious one if I do say so myself. Emmett & his family moved out of state just days after these photos were taken. I'm so happy we were able to squeeze them in before they left.

 photo Emmett11.jpg

 photo Emmett14.jpg

 photo Emmett15.jpg

 photo Emmett18.jpg

 photo Emmett111.jpg

 photo Emmett113.jpg

 photo Emmett114.jpg

 photo Emmett117.jpg

 photo Emmett119.jpg

 photo Emmett121.jpg

 photo Emmett123.jpg

 photo Emmett127.jpg

 photo Emmett131.jpg

 photo Emmett133.jpg

 photo Emmett139.jpg

 photo Emmett143.jpg

 photo Emmett144.jpg

 photo Emmett148.jpg


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