Emmett / 6 Months

Time sure flies when you're photographing all these growing babies! Look how Emmett has grown. Maybe we'll do another shot with the guitar for his 1 year photos. I hope so anyway! But his 6 month session couldn't have been any cuter. The hats. The overalls & suspenders. The chickens (who were photo shy). And those cheeks. Those precious cheeks!

 photo Emmett6m-1.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-4.jpg

 photo E1-1.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-9.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-14.jpg

 photo E2-1.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-16.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-21.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-23.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-24.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-28.jpg

 photo E3-1.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-32.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-34.jpg

 photo E4.jpg

 photo E5.jpg

 photo Emmett6m-51.jpg

 photo E6.jpg

 photo E7.jpg


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