Baby Gabriella / Rosharon, TX Newborn Photography

Miss Gabriela is a little cutie. She gets cuter everytime momma posts a picture on facebook too. It's crazy how they change so quickly after they're born. Which is why I love capturing newborn photos for y'all. That, and the occasional ridiculously adorable baby smile :)

 photo BabyGabriella1.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella3.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella4.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella5.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella2.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella6.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella7.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella8.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella11.jpg

 photo BabyGabriella10.jpg


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