Merry Christmas / 2013

         Merry Christmas, from the both of us. My tiny tree, minimal Christmas decor, and not so fancy Christmas photo of us may not look like much, but it's all I needed. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I spent the entire month making sure you all had what you needed for Christmas, and I'm thankful to have been a part of your holiday season. Thank you so much for the cards you've sent, and the memories you've allowed me to capture. They kept me mighty busy, but for that I am thankful. My shopping was done online, I didn't get to send out my own cards, and the wrapping that has come out of my house has been the worst it's ever been. (I'm pretty sure my niece and nephew didn't care one bit) But my heart is full of joy this holiday season. With capturing your smiles, seeing family & friends, the nativity scenes nestled into unique light displays, and making sure kids have a great Christmas no matter what - my heart is full of joy. Merry Christmas everyone.

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