Shortly after my first session with Krista, I found myself with her in front of my lens again, this time with her cousins too. Their dad is also serving our country, so we all just had a grand ol' time making sure these dads would have photographs. :)                 

 photo Cousins2.jpg

 photo Cousins7.jpg

 photo Cousins9.jpg

 photo Cousins11.jpg

 photo Cousins13.jpg

 photo Cousins16.jpg

 photo Cousins18.jpg

 photo Cousins19.jpg

 photo Cousins22.jpg

 photo Cousins27.jpg

 photo Cousins29.jpg

 photo Cousins31.jpg

 photo Cousins34.jpg

 photo Cousins35.jpg

 photo Cousins39.jpg

 photo Cousins42.jpg

 photo Cousins47.jpg


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