Erin & Brian / Wedding at Bell Tower on 34th, Houston, TX

I can't believe I hadn't blogged this yet! Had to do it before 2013 was!  I first laid eyes on this beautiful venue when I arrived for Erin's bridal portraits. It was even more gorgeous with the wedding set up and with the room filled with the love of family and friends. The day was incredibly fabulous! Thanks to Stacy Anderson for coming along to second shoot!

 photo EBW27.jpg

 photo EBW1.jpg

 photo EBW39.jpg

 photo EBW64.jpg

 photo EBW72.jpg

 photo EBW101.jpg

 photo EBW78.jpg

 photo EBW110.jpg

 photo EBW146.jpg

 photo EBW162.jpg

 photo EBW176.jpg

 photo EBW192.jpg

 photo EBW212.jpg

 photo EBW270.jpg

 photo EBW272.jpg

 photo EBW98.jpg

 photo EBW278.jpg

 photo EBW283.jpg

 photo EBW285.jpg

 photo EBW304.jpg

 photo EBW280.jpg

 photo EBW329.jpg

 photo EBW345.jpg

 photo EBW375.jpg

 photo EBW396.jpg

 photo EBW455.jpg

 photo EBW479.jpg

 photo EBW522.jpg


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