Meagan & Jordan / Webster, TX Engagement Photography

   How fah-reaking cute are these two? I had an engagement boom this fall, which was fine with me cause everyone was awesome. Meagan mixed things up with three different looks, and I still can't decide which set is my favorite. The light that evening was gorgeous, we laughed on and on as they did everything I asked them to do, and the photos turned out beautifully.

 photo MJE2.jpg

 photo MJE4.jpg

 photo MJE10.jpg

 photo MJE15.jpg

 photo MJE21.jpg

 photo MJE24.jpg

 photo MJE26.jpg

 photo MJE28.jpg

 photo MJE29.jpg

 photo MJE30.jpg

 photo MJE36.jpg

 photo MJE37.jpg

 photo MJE40.jpg

 photo MJE42.jpg

 photo MJE46.jpg


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