Melody & Justin / Tomball, TX Engagement Photography

I've recently sent Justin & Melody their wedding photos, yes, they're actually married now. I came across a few sessions I hadn't blogged yet prior to starting a new workflow chart and yes, I'm blogging a few times a day to catch up! I love when a couple has a much more personal idea for their photo session, such as this, where we headed out to Melody's dad's property, where they used to live too. They brought along Lucky, aka Miss Fancy Pants, who would later be their flower girl at the wedding (and did a great job by the way). Miss Fancy Pants even shares in their love of the Houston Texans and shows it by sporting her own jersey - awesome!! Stacy Anderson came along to join the fun on this shoot, and fun we had!

 photo MJE2.jpg

 photo MJE4.jpg

 photo MJE5.jpg

 photo MJE7.jpg

 photo MJE16.jpg

 photo MJE18.jpg

 photo MJE24.jpg

 photo MJE29.jpg

 photo MJE36.jpg

 photo MJE44.jpg

 photo MJE49.jpg

 photo MJE52.jpg


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