Baby Skyla / Richmond, TX Newborn Photography

    Miss Skyla, or as her brother named her, Sugar, had the most beautiful head of hair I'd ever seen on a baby girl. She also had her very own set of bangle bracelets. Awwwesome was all I could think when mom showed them to me. Then I got to pick out one of Mom's saris to use as a backdrop! How cool!!

Indian newborn baby photography on sari

 photo Skyla3.jpg

 photo Skyla7.jpg

 photo Skyla8.jpg

 photo Skyla11.jpg

 photo Skyla14.jpg

 photo Skyla15.jpg

 photo Skyla16.jpg

 photo Skyla18.jpg

 photo Skyla21.jpg

 photo Skyla23.jpg

 photo Skyla25.jpg

 photo Skyla26.jpg

 photo Skyla31.jpg

 photo Skyla32.jpg

 photo Skyla34.jpg

 photo Skyla39.jpg


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