Myra - Three

For my 5th session with Myra - it was a three year session. Her last session….was a pretty popular one. Read the comments, you'll see it was a pretty emotional one too. Ridiculously fun outfits, a cute cousin,  and some family photos too…and Myra rocked it out again!

 photo Roznovsky6.jpg

 photo Roznovsky8.jpg

 photo Roznovsky12.jpg

 photo Roznovsky17.jpg

 photo Roznovsky21.jpg

 photo Roznovsky23.jpg

 photo Roznovsky27.jpg

 photo Roznovsky30.jpg

 photo Roznovsky31.jpg

 photo Roznovsky33.jpg

 photo Roznovsky37.jpg

 photo Roznovsky38.jpg

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