Sarah & Kevin / Engaged Out in the Country

Sarah and Kevin here are pretty much rock stars....if rock stars drove pickup trucks. I'm sure one or two do, right? I wanna pinch their cheeks they're so cute together. And Sarah's hair? Yeah that's what convinced me to buy a curling wand. Can you imagine how stunning she's going to be all dolled up as a bride?? I can't wait. I may even make Justin trade me roles that day so I can watch Kevin's face when he sees her for the first time. :-p

engagement photos with pickup truck

 photo SKE2.jpg

 photo SKE9.jpg

 photo SKE11.jpg

 photo SKE18.jpg

 photo SKE21.jpg

 photo SKE25.jpg

 photo SKE27.jpg

 photo SKE29.jpg

 photo SKE32.jpg

 photo SKE35.jpg

 photo SKE37.jpg

 photo SKE39.jpg

 photo SKE42.jpg

 photo SKE46.jpg

 photo SKE51.jpg

 photo SKE61.jpg

 photo SKE63.jpg

 photo SKE66.jpg

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