Waiting on Nora / Laura & Dennis' Maternity Portraits

We stayed close to home - utilizing the nursery, where Dad hand painted the little owl mural. Dad made Nora a matching book too, that they'll be reading to her when I introduce her to you. A small pocket park around the corner gave us some nice greenery to round out the session too. Oh oh, and let's not forget the two small pups gaining a little sister. Aww I just smile thinking about it!

 photo Rasmussen5.jpg

 photo Rasmussen8.jpg

 photo Rasmussen10.jpg

 photo Rasmussen12.jpg

 photo Rasmussen15.jpg

 photo Rasmussen20.jpg

 photo Rasmussen22.jpg

 photo Rasmussen27.jpg

 photo Rasmussen31.jpg

 photo Rasmussen35.jpg

 photo Rasmussen36.jpg

 photo Rasmussen37.jpg

 photo Rasmussen39.jpg

 photo Rasmussen42.jpg

 photo Rasmussen44.jpg

 photo Rasmussen46.jpg

 photo Rasmussen48.jpg


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