Micah Man

Micah man has graced my blog many times, and will continue to do so I'm sure. But how can you get tired of looking at this little ham? He's going to be a real heartbreaker. In the mean time, he's this bubbly little cute kid that can destroy your house in a matter of seconds. I can say that, he's my nephew. Sunday I was on my way from Tomball where I had a newborn shoot (sneak peak here), and I swung back by my sister's house to drop off the bean bag chair I had borrowed from her. Micah will take ANY opportunity to get his picture taken (lucky me!) whether he's fully clothed or not (sorry y'all!). The only requirement is that you let him see the screen after you take the photo. Every single photo. Micah turns 4 tomorrow and I'm quite happy to share my birthday month with him. Look how much he's grown in a year!

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