Before & After - Liz

So here's the thing. I've been meaning to post this for... awhile. A very long while. Before I even started reading Emily's blog and her before/after posts linked to Pixel Perfect. But when I did see Emily's posts I figured this was the perfect opportunity. And the weeks went by and I never posted. Last week I read it and said next week is the week!! And this week it is.

So here's my first ever before and after share with you, featuring a photo from this session with Liz.

Shot with the Canon 5D & 85mm f/1.8. Edited in Photoshop CS3 just to give a little pop in color and contrast.



  1. Love it! my 85 1.8 is my all time favorite far :)

    Great edit!

  2. The edit is perfect- beautiful!

  3. That is just the perfect amount of editing.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I am behind in posting - it has been hectic to say the least! I love the edit, and the added "pop"