All Is Quiet on the Branding Front

I guess that should read quieter. er more quiet. er...How do you like the new look!

I've been working on this for 3+ weeks and am proud to say I did all the html tweaking myself. If you see anything that looks "off" - please say so! I did it myself, I didn't say it was error free! ;) I'm very excited to finally reveal the new site to you. I feel like it's a much better representation of "us" as a whole.

I wanted to take this time and let you know everything that was improved. My main goal in making the changes was to make the main site & the blog look like they belonged together. So now they have the same background - just enough to make itself known, not enough to be distracting.  There's now a welcome message, that just so happens to disappear when you click on a post to read the full page - pretty dandy I think. All the information that was in the footer before? (archives/categories/search/etc)... all up top, nice, neat, and hidden until you want to see it. You might also have noticed the new "Info" tab in the navigation bar - I'll have three new pages coming soon! One of those happens to be a frequently asked question page. So if there's anything you would usually want to know before you hired your photographer, ask away! The photos on our about us page were updated too. Rather than have the main site, facebook, and twitter link all separately spaced out in the nav bar, they are now combined, with the addition of a couple extra sites that I haven't shared before now.

In addition to all that fun stuff, we've implemented the "read more" feature. I think it shows up on every post even if there's nothing additional to read, but generally, if a post has a picture in it, there will be more photos if you click it. I know loading 5 posts in their entirety on the main page probably wasn't very appealing if you were here to just read 1 post in particular, so this should hopefully cut down on your loading time. I also changed the comment system to hopefully be easier on you - no more word verifications, no more pop up window. Go comment your heart out ;)

I guess this is the perfect day to say, we love you! And we appreciate that you are here for us to share these improvements with. I know this is my 3rd blog post today. I guarantee you I won't make that a habit!

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  1. I just noticed it was easier to comment!!! YAY! The site is great becca .. awesome job!