Happy Valentine's Day!

I think Justin lucked out when he scored a wife who doesn't particularly care for this "holiday," but I know some of you are all about the chocolates and flowers, so Happy Valentine's to you!

I could go definitely go for some chocolate covered strawberries. But that serves true...all year long. I plan to spend my evening at the gym, followed by a new episode of House and yesterday's dvred episode of Extreme Home Makeover.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well - I am enjoying time with Brian, not worried so much about flowers, etc seeing as he is cooking me breakfast hahaha

    I love this picture of the girls <3 I wish we were closer so you could do a shoot of us :(

  2. I'm not one for Valentine's Day either, but this shot fits it perfectly! :)

  3. You should be getting a little Valentines day surprise from me!! Oh and today it's a great day for cupcakes!!!! Love you!!! Miss you xo