Liz & Film - Cypress, TX

So yesterday I mentioned Liz was shooting film in her high school photo class. She needed my assistance on her latest project and I was so very happy to help! She needed an entire roll of film dedicated to pictures of herself so that she could make a triptych with the three photos her teacher selected. We headed off to the park down the road from my mom's house, and i tugged my dslr & a single lens with me. I had my 5D & 50mm f/1.4 (like i was going to see her for the first time without braces and not take my own photos?), and Liz had Uncle Charlie's AE-1 and 50mm loaded with black and white film. I loved using it. Every single thing had to be set manually - the aperture. the shutter speed. the ISO. the focus. It was absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to use it again. It made me kick myself for not learning much about shooting manual when I worked in the Eckerd photo lab in high school.

If you're on the home page - click read more to see which photos her teacher selected!
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Liz with the AE-1

Special thanks to Evelyn & Maeghan for coming along & holding the reflector!

And here's the full roll of film + the photos selected for her project - courtesy of Liz's cell phone ;)

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