It Runs In The Family...

My little sister turned 16 a couple weeks ago. Ah, sweet sixteen. Liz is in her highschool photography class shooting black and white film with Uncle Charlie's canon AE-1. Her friend Miikii has a nikon dslr. And that's what Liz wanted for her birthday. This was a great idea in theory - except, her big sister, aka me, is a canon shooter. Liz has tagged along to a couple of my shoots to hold reflectors, and I'll hand her the 40D with a lens and tell her to shoot whatever she wants when I dont need the reflector. The first time I did this, she was so scared and only took about 8 frames. 3 of which I actually ended up giving to the couple because the composition was great. (Keep reading for some photos she took of me!) At Christmas, I handed her my 5D w/ flash and let her have at while the family was playing Just Dance on the wii. So her birthday rolled around, and it was up to me to find her a camera in our budget. A canon camera. So that we could share lenses should she decide she wants to tagalong some more. I found her an older model canon XT, with kit lens, battery grip, & external flash. I also gave her my 50mm f/1.8 and the first camera bag I owned. Needless to say...she was excited. I promised her I'd help her upgrade later if she promised not to shoot on auto.

I think she's got a great start. She snapped these with my equipment before leaving her house one day.
Yes, I'm wearing rubber bands on my wrist. Yes, I know it's a portrait photo faux pas. My bad.


  1. I am not shocked one bit that your amazing talent runs in the family! :) :)

    Love the new blog layout and as always, love your work :)

  2. The family is full of talent and beauty!