Before & After #13 / JPEG vs RAW

Today's before & after is a little different than the norm. I'm posting from a different computer than normal, and flat out forgot it was Thursday, and I'm quite limited on the files I have with me. So I'd like to take this opportunity to mention something else other than just editing. The photo below is the straight out of camera jpeg taken by Megan Greathouse. Now obviously, if you go look at Megan's work, this sure as heck doesn't reflect what she's capable of.

But Megan shoots RAW + JPEG and the RAW file looks nothing like this, especially after you tweak it just a tad. But if you were only shooting JPEG... this is what you'd be stuck with. I shoot RAW only 98% of the time. But shooting with RAW + JPEG really isn't a bad idea if you've got enough memory cards. Alot of the time the JPEG file might suit you just fine for proofing purposes, and then you might go back and edit the RAW file if a client orders that print, thus, saving you alot of time not editing unnecessary images. Megan graciously came along and shot beside Leslie Spurlock for my own trash the dress session last year. She downloaded her cards on my computer so I could edit a few for my facebook. Megan & Leslie edited their own photos also, and it was so great to see all the different visions we had! This was one of my favorites.

Megan shot this with a 5D Mark II, ISO 2500, f/4.0, 1/85 sec, @ 92mm
I edited the RAW file in Lightroom 3 to get the photo to the right.
Again, the photo on the left is a straight out of camera jpeg.

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  1. wow love your edited version. so grungy hehe

  2. I just love the sooc! The edit is nice and moody, though.

  3. Ok, you have just convinced me to hack my point & shoot camera to make it shoot in RAW! I have a Canon SX20 IS that I shoot with. From the factory, it does not shoot in RAW but through a SX20 chat group I learned that there's a computer hack you can do to force it to shoot in RAW. I didn't think it would make much difference but I guess it does! I think I may just have to share this example with others! Off to tweet your post!