Liz, Sydney, Brooke, & Brianna

Every couple of months I like to do a shoot just for me to have some fun with. I always call up my little sister Liz, ask her to gather some friends, and off we go. This time I asked a couple of other budding photographers if they'd like to join us (and I plan to do so again next time, so keep your eyes on Facebook if you're interested!). Emily & Kara met us downtown back in February! Yes, February. These types of shoots always get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list editing wise until all my paid clients are taken care of. ;) You've seen hints of these lovely young ladies here & here already, but here's the whole shabang!

I asked Emily (Fleurish Imagery) & Kara (Kara Rice Photography) to send me a few of their photos so I could show them off too. I think they did great and I hope to work with them again soon!


  1. LOVE it, thanks for the shout out - had a great time on this shoot!

  2. Love love love them all! I had a great time too, we really need to do it again soon!