Fire Station Fun!

I've got some remarkable young men in my family. Easter Sunday I got to spend some time with one of them. Connor took my little cousin Josh, my sister Liz, my cousin Alicia, and me to his fire station in the Fairfield community. Connor had so sweetly asked if he could borrow my camera to take Josh down there, to which I gently broke the news that no, no he couldnt, but that I'd gladly go with them ;) While we were there with the firetruck out, two other firemen stopped & some other cars pulled up and took pictures too. Everyone was so nice and accomodating to the kiddos! I know it's not something any of the kids will forget. Maybe they'll grow up and be firefighters too!

One of these images is getting published in the Cy-Fair Magazine. Be sure to let me know if you see it!

Connor's mom woulda killed me if I didn't come back with any of Connor alone ;) Oh who am I kidding, I just wanted to take these!

And I had to make Liz take one of me too!

I know some of our local departments open the fire house up sometimes for the kids. Find out when, and take your little ones. They'll love it!

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  1. Love these!!! Has to be one of my favorites!! Love the crisp colors!