Priscilla and Bobby / Married

Priscilla & Bobby were married back in November and have recently welcomed a new addition to their family. I'm staying true to my goal of catching up and blogging everything that never made it here yet (but did to Facebook! Shame on me!) Black & White alert ahead tho y'all! Priscilla's parents were married at this very same chapel years ago, and she asked us to just come capture her very simple & sweet ceremony. They had some must take shots (like the one below of her mother putting on her veil) that were to reflect her mother's own wedding photos. Which has got to be pretty cool to see side by side! Given the nostalgia of the day, the B&W photos just spoke to me (even tho her mom's photos probably werent in black and white, but more vintage coloring).

They didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but that didn't stop them from taking each other's hand for a prayer.

Bobby took a bubble to the face ;)

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