Ship To A Soldier

Some of you may or may not know all about the different things I like to partake in. Cars (mostly mustangs!) yes, but I took it a step further a couple years ago : I started designing shirts for other female auto enthusiasts. This year, Justin finally convinced me to put the domain name to use, and while it sits on the backburner to this photography thing, I've manage to at least get a splash page up. Check out I Race In

Wait wait wait... I know you're saying "you titled this 'Ship to a Soldier,' why are you talking about shoes?"

And the answer is, I had to introduce you to it, since that's the twitter name that goes with the rest of the story...I basically created the I Race In Heels twitter to uh, keep anyone else from snatchin' it, while I continue to work on the website itself. A female pro drag racer I follow (Tina Stull) is very supportive of our military. She asked us to follow a beef jerky company (Jerky Johns) who was new to twitter, and the 100th follower would win a free pound of jerky! Then we found at that that jerky could be sent to a soldier, and off I was to click the follow button! Turns out... I was lucky number 100! Now, I don't quite know how to read the military addresses exactly (someone tell me!!!), but I googled enough to find out that my jerky went to a gentleman stationed in Afghanistan, 101st Airborne Infantry division I think, and then I don't know if the name after FOB or Attn has to do with his base in Afghanistan, but I hope he enjoys his jerky. He got a letter with the jerky with my name on it (Rebecca Davis) and explaining the twitter contest. Thinking about sending him a card with my I Race In Heels logo on just to wish him well.

Just wanted to share in case you were thinking about a way to send something from home overseas to a soldier! The owner of jerky johns emailed me himself to thank me for donating my free jerky, which I thought was really cool. I hope to try their jerky out on my own soon. (I'm in no way associated with Jerky Johns, just wanted to share some great customer service, and a neat thing for our troops!)

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